Protean Solutions, LLC promotes renewable energy
graph updated 04/10/18
In an attempt to mitigate the slide back in time that we are currently experiencing, Protean Solutions, LLC has installed 4.64kWp of solar panels on a southwest facing 45° angle residential roof. The 16 CanadianSolar panels are connected to SolarEdge power optimizers and a SolarEdge inverter which was designed and installed by YellowLite. Each optimizer communicates with the inverter with panel status. First Energy does not allow generation of more than what is utilized in a year therefore the solar array is designed not to exceed annual consumption. Below is live and accumulative data as collected by the inverter.

  • Units
    • 1MW = 1000kW
    • 1kW = 1000W
    • Kilowatt Hour (kWh) is the amount of energy in volume. 1 kWh is equivelant to running a 1000 watt device for one hour, like a 1000 watt microwave oven for an hour or a 10 watt LED light bulb (~60w incandescent equivalent) for 100 hours.
    • Current Power is power in watts (expressed in W or kW) being generated at the moment.
    • Energy Today is power generated in watt hours (expressed in W or kW) for today.
    • kWp is the peak designed production of the array, in the case of this site 4.64kWp.
  • Notes
    • The clearer the atmosphere the more PV generation
    • Snow coverage coupled with an overcast day is the worst possible condition
    • Snow on a sunny day the panels heat up enough that the snow slides off the smooth panel
    • A hot panel (summer) is less efficient than a cool panel (winter)
    • Billing date for above graph is the 1st of the month for that month
  • More information see Cuyahoga County Solar Coop.

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