Tip #9 — Unifi WAP LED Status

Unifi product LED status indicators. Ubiqiti Unifi product line uses visual queues of the status of the hardware. This link interprets the LED flashing sequence of all Unifi models. To use, scroll to the model of hardware you have which can be easily determined by the color of the LEDs.

Tip #8 — Hikvision Firmware Downloads

Hikvision has two firmware download areas, one good, one less good. The Downloads section on the Support menu is for the end user who wants to tinker around and install the most current firmware. This site has a limited number of NVR and camera firmware and is considered useless unless you have one of these NVRs or cameras. The better site is the Tech Support Portal here which is located on hikvisionusa.com, not the parent hikvision.com website. It’s a bit more crude than the polished hikvision.com downloads but includes all models including previous firmware. As always, know what you are doing before

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Tip #7 — Prepend Caller ID

Prepend caller ID with any text. In the Jive dial plan, you can prepend text (up to 10 characters) to the caller ID data. For example, if a caller presses 2 the dial plan will prepend SALES to the existing caller ID. The limitation is the CID altering only affects your Jive extension, it will not alter the display on your mobile or non-Jive extension. See this post for a work around using SMS. Contact me if you want help with this feature or see the entire user manual here.

Tip #6 — Solar Generation in the Winter

Solar panels can be more efficient in the winter. The most often question I get is how feasible is it to generate electricity in the winter in north eastern Ohio. The reality is a snow covered panel on an overcast day is the worst scenario. When there is solar energy, it will create a water barrier between the panel surface and the snow layer causing the snow to slide off, exposing the panels for more efficient generation. In the winter when the panels are cool, they are more efficient and can generate more energy. When the sun is low on

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Tip #5 — Email Alert of 911 Calls

Jive has the option to send an email when someone in your organization dials 911. The owner of a restaurant chain was surprised to learn of a 911 call made from one of his stores. He knew of the call before the manager was able to inform him. While he was concerned to learn of the details, he appreciated the knowledge. Contact me if you want help with this feature or see the entire user manual here.

Tip #4 (advanced) — HTML Notify

Trigger a web based event and pass phone call details to that event. In this example I have a PHP script that processes the passed variables and sends a formatted text message. https://proteansolutions.com/decoyfilename.php?caller={CALLER_ID_NUMBER}name={CALLER_ID_NAME}   The above URL passes CID number and CID name to a script that parses the information and sends an SMS message saying who is calling, time, what number dialed, etc. Available URL Variables (as taken from Jive website): CALL_ID = Unique string of characters used to identify the call (In POST Body = Y). CALLER_ID_NAME  = Caller’s name (In POST Body = Y). CALLER_ID_NUMBER = Caller’s number (In

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Tip #3 — Voicemail Access

Listen to voicemails from your extension without entering a passcode. You are at your desk and all you want to do is listen to the message someone left you. Press the Message button and presto! New messages. This only applies to your extension, when accessing from any other location you will need your passcode. Contact me if you want help with this feature or see the entire user manual here.

Tip #2 — Voicemail Notifications

Use email for Jive voicemail notifications. The three options are: Simple email notification where you get an email saying you have a voicemail message. Attach the message to the email so you can listen to it on your desktop computer or mobile device. Automatically delete the VM so you do not have to go in and delete them (there is a 99 message per extension limit to Jive’s voicemail system). You can include SMS as a notification but it is not recommended to attach the media file to SMS. An example would be 216nnnnnnn@txt.att.net, here are more carrier examples. Contact

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Tip #1 — Dial Plans

Include your mobile (or any other phone number) in your Jive personal dial plan. While there is great benefit to having a great desk phone, you can have the best of both worlds and ring your mobile ring in your pocket. Contact me if you want help with this feature or see the entire user manual here.