Live RTSP Streams part 1

City of Canton public ice skate park.For quite some time I have been trying to improve stream quality on a winter ice skating rink. The goal is to display fluid content in a web browser with not plugins or apps. The HTML5 video tag is a great place to start and ogg is a low latency, fluid format that plays nice with HTML5 however, Apple refuses to support it in favor of their HLS format. HLS is superior in many ways but in this case ogg is a better fit.

The existing stream utilizes Live555 RSTP client transcoded through VLC using MJPG video codec, encoded using FFMPEG, and MUXed with MJPEG. The stream quality as is is ok with very little latency

Debian 10 is the last version that supports the VLC plugin Live555 RTSP client so my goal is to move off of relying on Live555 RTSP client so I can update to Debian 11.

In the process I have come close but things like CORS and my inability to link the transcoded stream to my web server (which properly handles CORS headers).

Live555 has a promising product, Live555 HLC Proxy server which is the direction I am headed with this project.

That is the brief background, from here on out I will be documenting my status with HLC Proxy server.