protean [prohteeuh´n]
from Proteus, one of several deities whom Homer calls the “Old Man of the Sea”
readily assuming varied shapes, forms, or meanings
changeable in shape or form
exhibiting considerable variety or diversity


aboutHunter Chisholm, the principal behind Protean Solutions, LLC, started in the publishing business in 1992 by transitioning Northern Ohio Live Magazine and LIVE Publishing Company from Linotype typesetting equipment to the Macintosh desktop. Prior to his work at Northern Ohio Live Magazine, he interned at Wyse Advertising, Inc. in the broadcast media department, mastering the media buying system and training the staff, while learning the ropes of the company.

The inspiration to transition from a full-time position to self employed came from the desire to learn and experience more, then to offer expanded services into markets not typically served by the computer services industry. With diverse clients such as publishers, design firms, universities, schools, insurance, yacht club, and charities, Protean Solutions has gained immense experience to efficiently provide first rate services with small budgets. Protean Solutions only services the small business community, therefore no job is too small for us. Whether it be a one page website or a full network build-out, Protean Solutions will get the job done for less than others want you to spend.

Hunter Chisholm started his studies at Hiram College with an emphasis on English, then took time off working for Vintage Wine Distributors, and to plant manager at University School, Shaker Heights. He finished his college degree at Cleveland State in Communications with additional electives in accounting, programming in PASCAL & C, general administration, and more—a liberal arts education at its best! An education that translates to a broad undestanding of our small business environment.