Websites and web hosting based on what you need.

Helping designers get their great designs on the web is a large part of what we do, but if you need a small to medium size website, we will design and program that for you. Don’t let domain registrars and web hosting companies confuse you and sell you unwanted service. Let Protean Solutions, LLC get you started on the right path. We offer low bandwidth and very high bandwidth servers depending on the traffic your site generates. We do not charge by bandwidth, only server capabilities.

WordPress is an ever evolving platform and because it is the most popular CMS, it can be prone to hacking. If not properly locked down, for instance, hackers can use the comment system as a SPAM platform which takes huge amounts of bandwidth and if a “comment” is a link to malware, your site will be negatively flagged. If your site is currently flagged, we can clean it up and restore your reputation.